My Fascinating journey to Orion Nebula…..

My fascination with universe begin with very tender age.

Nehru Center being my father’s client I got to attend lot many show when I didn’t even understood anything about stars yet it sowed a seed of interest. As a kid I always wanted to be a Pilot. Fireball serial made me dream of being astronaut. Sputnik, Voyager name excited me a lot. I still very distinctively remember how Skylab Space Station was going to fall on us and the panic and chaos coupled with so many rumors.

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Milky Way, Where we all belong…

I was always fascinated by Milky way pictures posted on various SM site and was quite desperate to see it through my own eyes. Staying in an urban concrete jungle with one of the most light polluted city Mumbai it was next to impossible to see it anytime. It was only in the month of May 2018 I could witness this grand phenomena with family and friends after travelling almost 200 KM away from the city to a place called Bhandardara on one of the darkest of night.
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Mauli – The Sangam of Faith and Faithfuls

Mauli – The Sangam of Faith and Faithfuls…. I always wanted to experience and be part of the divine Wari walk. A procession which breaks the chaos of mind and brings eternal joy to the soul. Calms everything in me that is bewildered, perplexed and confused. Out of my urban crowded, crammed and chaotic lanes, maddening fast and furious rush here one feels so close, connected and one with god within us. A Pure Bliss.

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Baramotichi Vihir… an ancient Step Well

STEP WELLS… Usually is a concept seen only in India. Throughout India there are dozens of step well. Maharashtra has one too. Step wells are used for water retention and distribution. Baramotichi Vihir, ancient Step Well, 110 feet deep and 50 feet in diameter, octagonal in shape was constructed between 1641 AD and 1646 AD by Sahu Virubhai Bhosale. It was meant to be a water source to all the farms around and a huge Amrai Garden with its 12 moats.
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Kopeshwar Temple… World of stunning beauties

Beauty of life lies hidden in even the most seemingly desolate of places. Kopeshwar Temple, relatively unknown to masses, some 60 Km from Kolhapur at the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka is one such beautiful world of stunning beauties and hidden gem of an architectural marvel blended with mesmerizing and awe inspiring extravagant masterpiece of sensuous carvings and sculptures.
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Poetry in stones….. a pure love story of chisel and stone.

Poetry in stones….. a pure love story of chisel and stone.

This shilp is one of the most amazing sculpture and has a beautiful story around.
शिल्पकार के अद्भुत और उत्क्रुस्त शिल्पकारी का जीता जागता प्रमाण है.
I won’t tell you where exactly its located in Verul cause that will kill the thrill of you going and finding it out on your own but surely will tell you about the story.
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Perception of Beauty

Ours perception of beauty in this modern world is so much distorted. Look at these fabulous creation with its amazing and stunning beauty… A world full of Joy and Happiness.. an extraordinary phenomenon… a meaning to life. I soak in to the beautiful world of these stunning beauties with hours blanketed by the deep silences. Sensuousness grasp you at it peak with these voluptuous GanNayikas and SurSundaris.
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