Mauli – The Sangam of Faith and Faithfuls

Mauli – The Sangam of Faith and Faithfuls…. I always wanted to experience and be part of the divine Wari walk. A procession which breaks the chaos of mind and brings eternal joy to the soul. Calms everything in me that is bewildered, perplexed and confused. Out of my urban crowded, crammed and chaotic lanes, maddening fast and furious rush here one feels so close, connected and one with god within us. A Pure Bliss.

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Bhutan… A land where Phallus’s are revered.

In Bhutan, one can see paintings of erect ejaculating Penis all the places, can be seen painted on the walls of houses and buildings throughout Bhutan. They are everywhere. On doors, windows, signboards, murals and totems. On key chains, paperweights and souvenirs in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally symbols of an erect penis in Bhutan have been intended to drive away the evil eye and malicious gossip.

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