इक माँ और तो क्या मांगती है

घने अँधेरे में
दिए की मद्धम लौ की
भीनी सी रौशनी में नहाई
ममता और अपनों का प्यार
इक माँ और तो क्या मांगती है..!!

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Bhuleshwar an island of temples -Travelogue with Khaki Tours..

Bhuleshwar a word which excites women for it is a heaven for shopping but a absolute nightmare for the pedestrians.

You hear Bhuleshwar and the images that starts flashing is of a crowded chaotic lanes and narrow crammed by-lanes. It truly is a zig-zag maze where one can surely get lost.

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Silence… Speaks thousand words

वक्त के दामन से जो कुछ लम्हे निकाल पाता
तो निकाल फेंक देता उन यादों को
जो तेरे बगैर गुजरे
फासले दरमियां बस सिर्फ तुमसे तुम्ही तलक के हो
बड़ी देर तक की जुदाई अक्सर जान ले लेती है

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Ek Kavita foolon ki..

Valley of Flowers in Flowers Valley. Different shades of Life..

Remembering MJ…

And the dream we were conceived in, Will reveal a joyful face
And the world we once believed in, Will shine again in grace
Then why do we keep strangling life, Wound this earth, crucify its soul Though it’s plain to see this world is heavenly, Be god’s glow … Heal the world.

….. a stint with beautiful and amazing world ….the earth laughs in flowers.
God imagination running wild on beautiful canvas of earth.
Take your time and admire gods miracle.
Don’t reduce your life to just black and White… Open your eyes and see rainbows all around.

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A challenge to conquer the road leading to the most beautiful part of World

August 2014

Wanderer walk for miles and endure the hardship that he has to offer to nature as a part of salvation. Exploring India inch by inch needs to walk by. A challenge to conquer the road leading to the most beautiful part of World… some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, a breathtaking adventure through cliffhanger roads passing through the deep gorges of the Himalayan Rivers bathed in different hues. We six friends… explored six states… in 19 Days… with two vehicle Innova and Duster conquered India negotiating 6661 KM inch by inch by road from city just above sea level to world highest motorable road known as Pass of Lower Castle, 18380 feet above sea level Khardung La Pass… The Dangerous and challenging Zoji La Pass to freezing Chang La Pass at 17590 altitude. Last Village of India called Turtuk to beautiful blue Pangong Lake. Gandola of Gulmarg to Chandanwadi of Pehalgam, Bravery of Kargil to world second coldest place called Drass, Vaishno Devi Darshan to Golden Temple of Amritsar. Chilling experience of Wagah Border Parade to Goose bump heroic tales of Kargil Heroes. Beautiful lanes of Vadodra, Chittorgadh, Hanumangadh to Jalandher, Jammu and House boat of Dal Lake SriNagar. Yes….We witnessed Gods own abode and mother nature’s miracle with experienced human ability to sustain world most dangerous and extreme weather.
Yes we all 
Ravi Bhavnani Kshitij M. Kotak Deepak Chadha Sumeet Mehta Bimal Mehta conquered the World.

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Bhuleshwar Shiva Mandir…. A brief photologue.

On 24th of Jan, I happened to be in Pune for some work with friend. After finishing our work we decided to go to Bhuleshwar Temple which was approx 55 Km from there. Relying on Google map we instead of taking a straight Pune Solapur highway, took Hagwane Road – Beautiful Saswad -Bhopdev –Pune Road – Malshiras road – Bhuleswar Road. It was pleasure driving on Ghats of Beautiful Saswad –Bhopdev.

Later a small miss of turn on Malshiras road took us to Ambale Goan (Bhairavnath Mandir ). Exactly 1 and half hours of driving on state and village road brought us to the door step of Temple on the hilltpop of Mashiras.

Bhuleshwar is an ancient Shiva temple originally built around 8th century, reconstructed again in 1230 AD during Yadavas Dynasty and then partially disfigured and destroyed by Muslim invaders.

It is believed that the temple was built during the time of the Pandavas. The temple was originally a fort by the name Mangalgadh and is also known as Daulatmangal Fort. The fort was constructed by Murar Jagdev in 17th century after he robbed Pune. He built the fort on the hill of Bhuleshwar Temple to keep a watch and get a view of the city.

Bhuleshwar Temple is made from black basalt rock which was brought especially to construct the temple. The rock is different from the other rock brownish basalt that is seen in the surroundings. The structure of the temple is traditional and the walls feature beautiful carvings. Figurines of several deities and mythological characters can be seen carved on the walls of the temple. Right from the entrance of the temple, visitors can see the cravings that augment the structure of the stone.

The area of Bhuleshwar Temple is considered to be of historical and religious importance. It is believed that this is the spot where Goddess Parvati performed dance for Lord Shiva before they left for Mount Kailash where they got married.


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