Sensuousness and Temple’s : Sensuous and erotic sculptures in the Temple’s

In most of the Ancient Temples, before one enters in to holy sanctum, One will find amazing sculptures of amorous couple, sensuous and erotic apart from depicting beautiful voluptuous GanNayikas and SurSundaris indulged in various form of Shrungar Ras on the exterior walls.

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Rendezvous with Stones…. Glory of Kailash Temple

Ellora Kailash Mandir : One of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World

The Ellora Caves (also called as Verul) are the epitome of beauty, science and architecture. Given the immense size of Ellora as whole, its unfathomable, how even one could think of attempting something so unimaginably huge and grand, but matter of fact is that our ancestor not only thought of it but also executed these and other awe inspiring marvellous and magnificent piece of architecture, brilliant and astonishingly exquisite, the magnitude of which leaves you spellbound.

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