Ellora Jain Temple : Marvelous art of sculptor and colorful paintings.

Ellora Jain Temple

Jain Temple, Indrashabha, Cave No. 32. is a part of Jain Temple and is also called as Chota Kailasa as it is a much smaller version of the grand Kailasanatha temple.

This cave known as ‘Indrasabha’ is actually a group of caves than a single one and is bigger and double storey than other four Jain caves forming as whole part of Jain Temple.
As you enter inside the shrine in a court of around 56×48 feet you are welcome by a huge Elephant on right and a monolithic pillar with chaumukh yaks on the top and in the middle stand a 8 feet Square mandap having 4 doors and in the center are four statue of sitting Lord Mahavir ji sculptured facing each door as if saying I am the one, omniscient and omnipresent.
The Jain caves and temple predominantly belonging to the Digamber Sect. of Jainism are so very meticulously carved and each sculptures as if expresses the core essence of Jainism, the perfect isolation of the one who has stripped off every bond.


Unlike today’s India, Ellora known for Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cave temples, built in close proximity during the rules of the Kalachuri, Chalukya and Rashtrakuta Dynasties, demonstrates and signifies the religious harmony, tolerance and solidarity prevalent during that period. A truly secular fabrics which somehow has been tarnished by present so called rulers for their political agenda.

As you enter and move around the temple and caves, trying to grasp the teaching and preaching of Jainism which gave great emphasis on the renunciation of all the pleasures and comforts of the material world on the path towards the realisation of that “ WHICH IS TRUE, वही जो सत्य है ”, you realise those virtues have been lost in general in Hindus and in particular in Jain’s in today’s materialistic world. Ironically these virtues seems to have been, if not vanished, got diluted not only amongst Jain’s but also amongst Hindus and those who have embraced Buddhism too.


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