Happy World Photography Day… an image special to me.

This image is very special to me for many reason.
Its story in itself.
Buried within the ruins around seen in this picture has thousand stories of bravery untold.

Looking at this picture one goes through amazing stark contrast and transformation of an a place having historical and religious significance, each extreme end represent the journey from 17th century to 21st century of respective technology and in between stands a grand 8th century mystical and mysterious Shiva Temple having extravagant exquisite sculptures and carvings.

This picture tells the story of the marvelous architecture and craftsmanship of Hindus and on other hand it is the living proof of barbarism and brutality unleashed by the Muslims.

Interestingly, as the myth goes its believed that this is the very spot where Goddess Parvati performed dance for Lord Shiva before they left for Mount Kailash where they had got married.

This image also holds my story of 440km Solo Journey, Story of grit, determination, courage and triumph over incredible adversity of travel in search of a phenomena called LIFE. What else can drive one than a passion for photography to such awe inspiring extravagant masterpiece carvings and sculptures.



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