That Lovely breeze before the storm…

We had been driving for almost 8 hours through roads leading to the most beautiful part of World… some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, a breathtaking adventure through cliffhanger roads passing through the deep gorges of the Himalayan Rivers bathed in different hues and now it was time for short break. Continuously driving from KARGIL which was once infiltrated by Pakistani forces and were repulsed like pigs by Indian army) then covering Drass, the second coldest inhabited place in the world,

negotiating the peak traffic of dangerous yet equally exciting Zojila pass, a high mountain pass of 11,575 ft which lies 15 km east of Sonmarg, we decided to take a short break at this spectacular breath taking place which was somewhere near after crossing Sonmarg. Its a Sindh river, the largest tributary of the Jhelum in the valley of Kashmir which flows westwards along with NH 1D and is fed by many glacial streams on its way to Ganderbal town.


Bimal, the youngest of the crew of we 6 friends, decided to get himself clicked sitting on the rock. It doesn’t look that scary in the pic but in reality it was far more dangerous stunt to attempt, a slip and even bones would get crushed in the freezing cold flowing river but nevertheless we were now so used to these kind of stunts on our 12th day of Mumbai to Ladakh road trip. One by one all followed and we were all in the mid of the river on this huge tree which probably could not withstand the flow of hard hitting water and had fallen down. The experience of gushing stream and loud banging sound it made, the lush green chenab trees was so enchanting that we didn’t realize we had spend some one hour sitting there.

Pic Credit : Kshitij Kotak assisted by Sumeet Mehta.
In The Pic : From Extreme right : Bimal Mehta (Sitting on the rock ), Myself Arvind Singh (Sitting on the tree ), Deepak Chadha and Ravi Bhavnani (Standing)


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