SAIRAT… a movie so real and raw.

The Story so beautiful, Songs so energetic, Music  so magnificent, Language so raw and enthralling, Plot so realistic, Characters so adorable, Picturisation so captivating, Climax so remarkable and gut wrenching …..

Welcome to the world of incredibly and marvelous झालंय झिंग झिंग झिंगाट in so well crafted “SAIRAT” and yessss… also to the world of my first Movie review.

A love story of two young lads on the extreme end of caste and class system begins with a cricket match of almost 8 mins (few unnecessarily stretched scenes), the story slowly starts gripping you with its raw dialects and Parsyas shy yet playfulness and innocent character which immediately takes you to your own teenage world and all the raw fun you had with your friends. A group of three friends so full of life that they break in to dance even on sound of passing train. His infatuation for a bold girl Archi who loves to drive bullet, outspoken yet compassionate for human pains, is excited to see her that he dives in river and then in to a well is so well shot and mind blowing. Breaking to an dance on the ring tone of much awaited call of Archi instead of answering on a shared mobile with no recharge scene is just aflatoon.

Amidst all the masala much needed to spice up the story of two love birds movie delivers a very strong social message to the sets of society living at both end of caste system further divided by it politics.

A scene where a sympathiser of these two love birds Mangya, a cousin of Archie visits Parsya house (Supposedly so called lower caste ), his grandmother tells the boy to ask him for water “arey unhat alela lekra la paani dya”, and the guy says, Yhyo pan Patilach haay, and she says, Patlana tahan lagat nay ka, and Mangya (Supposedly so called Upper Caste) says “Gheto ki me” and drinks water using their utensil.

A story which also beautifully dwells in to the consequences of the blind love, the struggle of shattered families of both, their down fall and helplessness, the eloped couple misery, struggling to settle and the hardship to meet both the end, coping up with  the stark contrast of life far away from the realm of romance, the depression, the helplessness, the conflicts, the doubts and running away…. The harsh reality of life so well depicted unlike other movies which shows unrealistic life thereafter.

I loved the climax, unthought-of, picked up from real and cruel world engrossed in dirty casteism, with silence of dead and the interpretation left on viewers leaving to ponder on many thoughts unleased yet chained.

Finally summing up my views, Sairat, set on the journey of breaking many records, highest grossing blockbuster and on the steps of becoming a milestone of Marathi Cinema or probably a foot step for other mile stone yet to come is a good movie without any doubts but the figures are the results of dirty marketing and over hyped up publicity played around the caste and Dalit card. Worth watching once but technically nowhere near Manjrekar and Nanas Natsamrat or Subodh and Deshpandes Katyar Kaljat Ghusali.



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