Ambernath Shiva Temple.. an ancient marvel.

Ambernath Shiva Temple also known as Ambreshwar Shiva Mandir.

Ambernath literally means “Lord of the sky”

Ambernath Shiv Mandir is an  11th century marvel of architecture and sculptures, which is almost a thousand years old. Built in 1060 AD, It is situated 2 km away from Ambernath (East) railway station in MaharashtraIndia.

The temple is on the bank of Vadavan (Waldhuni) river.

The temple is Hemadpanthi-styled, beautifully carved on stones.
Hemadpanthi was a legendry prime minister during the regime of Devagiri kings. He was a great patron of temple architecture and the style evolved under his patronage is named after him. The sculptures of Hindu mythology, predominantly Shaiva theme , forms a chain around the temple at the eye level.

The Shiva temple in this small town in Maharashtra is the earliest recorded Bhumija style temple built by the Silahara dynasty, which ruled the Konkan area of Maharashtra in the 11th and 12th centuries. The most powerful king of this dynasty, Chittaraja, began the construction of this temple and his younger brother Mummuni, who became a feudatory of the famous Chalukya kings of Kalyani, completed it in 1060 AD. Historical records prove that this is the oldest existing temple built in the Bhumija style of architecture. Silahara kings were traditionally Shaivites – but the sculptures prove that they accepted other paths to spiritualism as well. The sculpture of Hari-Hara-Pitamaha-Surya in the temple complex is unique because Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Surya have been portrayed together in a rare sculptural masterpiece. Thousands of devotee thronged this place on MahaShivRatri.




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