……I was always fascinated by this symbol of vision, leadership, bravery, courage, honor, pride, determination and grace.
Yes I am talking about King of birds as they call it “LORD OF THE AIR”….. The Majestic Eagle’s…
It was one of my childhood dream to watch them…. Flying and soaring high with all it dignity and pride.

….and this life time opportunity came at LRK. It was a treat to eyes watching them so closely… a feeling of thrill which I just can’t put in words. It is not easy to sight them as they don’t flock… you find them one at a time and luckiest people get to watch them closely sitting on ground or flying at eye level.
….. and we the team of @WildIndia were blessed with all the luck in the world to not only see them… but to watch them closely and observe their behavior for hours and that too not once or twice but many time in a day.

मैं हूँ उनके साथ खड़ी, जो सीधी रखते अपनी रीढ़
with Bhavesh Sunil Rupali Suru Subhash Rahul Rudraksh Shradha Mihir Basanta Mallikarjun as @Wild-India Team.



In company with
Steppe Eagle
Greater Spotted Eagle
Greater Spotted Eagle Juv.
Eastern Imperial Eagle
Booted Eagle
Peregrine Falcon
Laggar Falcon
Red-necked Falcon
Marsh Harrier
Pallid Harrier
Montagu’s Harrier
Griffon Vulture
Black Winged Kite
Brahminy Kite
Black Kite
Common Kestrel
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View in full frame ( Press F ) to enjoy the beauty.
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