Bhuleshwar an island of temples -Travelogue with Khaki Tours..

Bhuleshwar a word which excites women for it is a heaven for shopping but a absolute nightmare for the pedestrians.

You hear Bhuleshwar and the images that starts flashing is of a crowded chaotic lanes and narrow crammed by-lanes. It truly is a zig-zag maze where one can surely get lost.

When observed carefully we realise that there is a chaotic order in a disorder. . In this Heart of Mumbai,Bhuleshwar houses various bazaars and some 100 odd temples, some of them dating back centuries..

Amidst this chaotic world a serene world of material and spiritual worlds coexist beautifully.

As some one rightly said, Bhuleshwar the abode of 84 Crores Hindu deities is Gods own patch in Mumbai. Bhuleshwar derives its name from the 150-year-old Bhuleshwar Mahadev Mandir, where it is believed that a shiva linga appeared by itself. Bhuleshwar a place where resides the almighty Krishna in a form of Prince in his Palace and pampered by his devotees.

The journey covered

The Lovely duo… Inspiration to all, Bharat and his better half.

Hindi Granth Karlay

A century old Hindi Granth Karlay, Founded by Pandit Nathuram Premi in 1912, the oldest book store of Mumbai.

Hira Baug.. Where Mahatma Gandhi ji delivered his first lecture in Mumbai.

A Beautiful Krishna Baug

Madhav Baug was built by Narottamdas Varjivandas in the memory of his father, in 1874. Which houses Bhagwat Gita School which was started by a Maharashtrian saint by the name of Pandurang Athavle. The locals claim that such a school is found nowhere else in the city.

Madhav Baug Grand Entrance

Laxmi Narayan Temple

The loving Mucchad Chacha,
In this premises we met a person selling thandai,The loving Mucchad Chacha.He told us about how he is the 3rd generation in serving devotees water and selling thandai. A profound statement he made.. Yahan Pet bhi bharta hai aur dil bhi.

Shree Bombay Panjrapole
The cow, sacred to the Hindus, Has Structured living space , 172 year old cowshed that houses nearly 2,000 cows.

SuryaNarayan MandirThe Only and unique temple dedicated to Sun God.
SuryaNarayan Mandir at Suraj Wadi is a beautiful temple of SUN GOD built in 1899

The beautiful co-existence… the essence of Bhuleshwar.

Carved out of White Marble is the idol of Lord Surya Narayan on a wheeled Chariot.

Mehul gave a lovely demonstration of Surya Namaskar and Bharat explained significance of the same.

The Gang… Bharat Girish Anita Sachin Akshay Amol Subodh Soraya Mehul and other friends

It was a hot and humid day but at the end of the tour we felt like we have done char dham yatra.

Thank you Bharat for once again showing us which we know exist but don’t see it.

I will sincerely like to put on record my gratitude and appreciation for the research and home work you do for conducting the tours. We so appreciate.Looking forward for our next Journey with you….


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