Akshi… Adoring pristine beauty and it’s tranquility.

Date : 22-11-2015

Akshi… Adoring pristine beauty and it’s tranquility.

Come winter and the migrant waders flocks in thousand on the pristine beaches of Akshi…. relatively unknown to picnickers as it is bit off the road near Alibaug. Feasting on ample of seafood available waders makes an opportune paradise for bird lovers.

A quick 230Km return Drive to Akshi with birder friends on the auspicious day of Kartik Shukl Paksh Ekadashi was just a right thing to break the 4 month birding pause. A Day when all auspicious Hindu rituals starts after a pause of 4 months Chaturmas as Lord Vishnu completes his 4 month Sleep… A Day of Lord Vishnu awakening.
We 10 birders led by Bhavesh Rathod travelling lavishly in 4 cars for approx 115 km landed on the beach at 0700 in the morning.

Driving became more fun following zooming Dr. Dhananjay’s car in pitch dark road of Mumbai Alibaug dodging 100 of trucks and few thousand speed bumpers and not to forget lacs of Indian signature roads full of pits potholes gravels and slushy in some parts.
From 0700 to 1100 it was just us, beach and waders.
Lying flat on sand for hours waiting for that one perfect shot is something photographer cherishes for long. Step by step and inch by inch approaching them crawling on the sand ground we are no less than any sniper with his rifle zeroing down. It’s like a spider spinning an intricate web to ensure its dinner and taking time devouring it waiting until hunger strikes. It was truly an amazing experience. Adoring pristine beauty and tranquility of Akshi with Bhavesh Rathod Rudraksh Chodankar Viswanath Ganapathi Dr. Dhananjay Joshi Najma Joshi Tushar Bhagwat Medha Jain Medha Karkhanis Suma RoyJaideep Vazirani Ravichandran Selvaraj
Enjoy Pics.
|| Beautiful Maharashtra, 22-11-2015, Aakshi Beach | Canon EOS 700D with Sigma 150-500 mm f/5-6.3 | Aperture-Priority AE | Spot Metering | No Flash | Grounded Flat Tripod ||
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View in full frame ( Press F ) to enjoy the beauty.
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Critics and Comments are most Welcomed and appreciated.
Feel Free to Share with due credits if you like as Sharing is Caring. Don’t copy or use this image without permission. ©Arvind Singh. All rights reserved.


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